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How did we get into smoothies? We took up smoothie making a number of years ago after a major lifestyle change. Any sort of major lifestyle change requires a complete transformation and affects every aspect of your life, especially your eating patterns.

If you’ve always led a busy life and you suddenly find yourself with way too much time on your hands, it’s all too easy to find yourself visiting the cookie jar too many times. Constant snacking throughout the day becomes a major problem. It’s way too easy to keep saying “one more cookie won’t hurt”. The trouble is they soon add up.

Without realizing it, food had become a source of comfort for us and it’s no coincidence that sugary, sweet foods are comfort foods. They taste good and they give you a sugar hit with that corresponding feel-good high and we are eating way too many sugary foods. We needed to drastically change our diet and become much healthier. Time for a major overhaul.

We are so happy to share these smoothie recipes with you.  We’ve managed to lose weight and improve our health drinking them.  We hope they work as well for you as they have for us.

May your smoothie journey be as tasty and fun-filled as mine has been.